The Budget Strategy takes account of TSDF, the Priority Agenda of Government, recent developments and key lessons. A clear lesson: we must plan, but planning is not enough. We must implement with commitment, focus and evidenced based monitoring and evaluation. From this important lesson we have set the Budget theme for this year to "Plan the work and work the plan with monitoring and evaluation.” Guided by the TSDF, the corporate plans and budgets plan the work: the outputs to deliver. To work the plan: we must deliver these outputs. We must improve our management and attitudes, following prudent laws, rules and regulations, and encourage honesty and transparency, with strong monitoring and evaluating to keep us on track. This requires honest, accurate and timely data to guide us. We can then have monitoring and evaluation. This is the first Budget since the launch of the international 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. This builds on the lessons from the MDGs, and is fully supported by the Government of Tonga. The 2030 Agenda focuses on using country systems, so will be implemented through our One Process planning, budgeting and M&E system. One Process supports the 'planning', the 'working' and the monitoring and evaluation. It flows from the TSDF at the apex down through all levels. It also provides a sound framework within which to mainstream the 2030 Agenda. We have further strengthened One Process this year with added focus on ensuring clear links from TSDF down into corporate plans. We established the Planning, Budgeting and M&E Tracker Database to pull together key information across TSDF, sector and district plans and corporate plans. This supports the linking of lower plans to TSDF, and the M&E of TSDF. The 2030 Agenda is now also integrated into Tracker. The Tracker is complemented by improving the more detailed information management systems to provide the data and information for better monitoring and evaluation to better work the plan, and better plan the work