One of the major core functions at the Treasury division of MOFNP is to make sure payments are made fo all government expenditure which includes payroll and daily labour wages.  Government expenditure requires proper authorization and is paid out in accordance to a timetable approved by the Secretary for Finance.  These payments are centrally processed through Treasury to ensure that government spending is in accordance with rules and regulations set up by the Ministry regarding government spending.  Expenses are usually paid out by cash, cheque, or a direct bank transfer depending on the nature of the payment.

Vouchers payable to individuals are usually cashed over the counter id the amount is less than TOP 1,000.  Anything above TOP 1,000 requires a cheque to be prepared.  However subject to proper authorization this rule can be over-rided.  Cash payments are to be collected from the Treasury Cashier.  The payee is required to sign the payment vouchers stamp to acknowledge receipt of cash.  The payee's signature will need a witness if the cashier does not recognise the payee.  These payments can be made to a legal representative if the person on the vouchers is not able to physically come and claim payment.  Where payments are made to legal representatives; authorities such as power of attorney, letter of administration or probate must be presented for inspection and recorded on the vouchers or, if possible the authority itself should be attached to the vouchers.  In exceptional circumstances where the payee is precluded by illness or otherwise from collecting the sum due, departments may obtain a signed and witnessed authority empowering a representative of the payee to receive the payment

All other expense vouchers paid out to established and registered companies are chequed in their registered company names.

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