At Ministry of Finance  we offer a diverse range of full-time and contractual opportunities. Our commitment to recruiting and retaining the very best talent extends to every part of the organisation. We recognise that skill and experience come in many forms and we actively seek interest and application from all industries and the wider community.
If you are interested in joining the Ministry, please check out our Vacancies.  For work experience please check out our Internship Programs.
Ministry of Finance 2018

Ministry of Finance 2018

Our Internship Program

Ministry of Finance (MOF) allows for internship arrangement, providing a wide range of opportunities for students to gain insights into the work of MOF.  We offer working experience in areas of Accounting, Economic, Clerical Work, Information Technology, etc. Every year a limited number of places for internships are available.

To take part in the programme, we look for the following minimum eligibility criteria:

Applicants must be enrolled in a vocational study programme in a recognised tertiary institution at the time of application and during the internship. Successfully completed at least sixth year of secondary education plus first year of vocational study at recognised institutions, or In her/his final year of an undergraduate or graduate study programme in either of the following fields: Accounting, Economic, Information System, Computer Science, Administration, Human Resources which are directly related to the technical work of MOF. Effective in oral and written applications of both English and Tongan languages for appropriate office assignments.

 How to apply:

Application should be addressed to the “Secretary for Finance”.  The application should specify the type of internship (volunteer) arrangement to undertake, duration of such arrangement, and the division or section to which attachment is expected the internship to base. 

For further clarification, call us at 23-066 or e-mail to Our normal business hours are Monday through Friday, from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

Ministry Outputs Grouped into Programs and Sub-Programs

Relates to the effective leadership and policy advice of the MOF to be better able to deliver its outputs. These are managed through the Office of the Minister and Office of the CEO with support from the various Divisions.

Relates to the wider policy formulation role of MOF. This includes policy analysis, setting strategic direction, promoting sound macroeconomic management with improved resources allocation covering both domestic and aid resources, and the international role related to effective management of our relations with development partners. These functions are managed through three divisions including Corporate Plan and Budget Division, Economic and Fiscal Policy Division and Project and Aid Management Division.

Relates to the support that MOF provides to the execution of the budget. It covers core treasury and procurement functions, establishing of appropriate financial policy and frameworks and debt service and asset management. These are managed through three divisions including Treasury Division, Financial Framework Division and Procurement Division.

Relates to a range of special payments managed by MOF and are recorded as services on behalf of Government. Some of the GGF relates to outputs delivered by other MDAs.

GGF is not part of the costs of running the Ministry. They include benefits, TAs, subsidies, community development activities, special projects (covering a wide range of items), equity payments, international subscriptions, exemptions and contingency funds. All payments are made by the Corporate Services Division, in consultation with relevant MDAs.

Relates to payment of interest and principle on domestic and foreign debt. Payments are managed by the Debt Unit within FFD.

The Ministry is delegated the following Outputs and KPIs amongst its major Programs and Divisions to ensure effective delivery of the above requirements.