Tonga PCRRAFI II Evaluation Stakeholder Workshop.

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Tonga PCRAFI II Evaluation Stakeholder Workshop

National Reserve Bank of Tonga Conference Room, Floor 4

15 February 2023


The Evaluation Stakeholder Workshop for the Capacity Building and Update of the Hazard and Exposure Database for the Pacific Catastrophe Risk Assessment Financing Initiative (PCRAFI II) under the Pacific Community funded by the multi-donor trust fund administrated by the World Bank held today and conducted by SPC team led by Mrs. Eileen Turare, PCRAFI II Project Manager.  

The PCRAFI II project is part of our government’s efforts as joint initiative of the Aid Management & Resilient Development Division of the Ministry of Finance and the National Emergency Management Office (NEMO) of the Ministry of MEIDECC to assemble a comprehensive inventory of population and properties at risk.

The Ministry of Finance on behalf of the Government of Tonga acknowledges all the support and assistance provided by The Pacific Community (SPC) through this program.