Government of Tonga's Annual Development Partners Forum

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The Honorable Prime Minister of Tonga, Hon. Hu’akavameiliku addressed the official opening of the one-day high level talk of the Government of Tonga and Development Partner’s Forum with delegates from foreign agencies, diplomatic corps, development partners, government CEOs and officials and sector representatives pursuing the theme, “Effective Development Cooperation for a Progressive Tonga”.

All represented organizations have distinct roles and responsibilities to ensure that the partnership we engaged aims towards a more progressive Tonga” said The Hon. Prime Minister, Hon. Hu’akavameiliku in his opening speech.  He expressed his most sincere gratitude for the highest level of support and assistance that all development partners have bestowed in responding to Tonga’s very urgent needs.

The Hon. Prime Minister highlighted that our target is to uplift the current effort through scaling up investment in partnership with key stakeholders and further improve economic growth and development.

He calls on the Development Partners delegation for their continued financial assistance and sustained partnership as we work together with renewed momentum to achieve a resilient, inclusive, progressive, and sustainable development for Tonga.

This is an annual forum crucial for government to bring forth emerging issues on the economy, finances and proposed reforms that will determine the direction and priorities for the development partners to consider their support.   Economic, Social and Infrastructure Sector performance status and development Outlook were also part of the discussion.

“We do not want to wait for something to happen to build back better, we must build better now – and we look forward to doing this together with you”, said the Hon. Prime Minister.


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