Treasury Documents

The Ministry's Treasury Operation Division requires capacity to:
  • Ensure effective budget execution
  • Ensure sound recording, reporting and processing of Government finances
  • Maintain sound staff-list and payroll management software
  • Maintain robust asset and debt management and recording systems
  • Provide and implement change based on sound internal audit procedures responsive to risky areas
  • Use appropriate hardware to run all the software

The division is comprised of six main sections, namely the Checking Section, Revenue& Voting, Development, Payroll, Accounts and the Sub-Treasuries which include Vava’u, Ha’apai and ‘Eua. 

These sections are differentiated by their core responsibilities within the division, as outlined below;

  • Checking Section: Checking the accuracy, compliance, completeness and validity of all government expenditure before payments, also government revenue collected;
  • Revenue& Voting Section: Timely updating of the financial management system of all government expenditure and revenues, also reports on all government revenue collections;
  • Development Section: Receipt& disbursement of all donor funded payments (ensuring alignment to all related government and donors’ policies and agreements);
  • Payroll Section: Processing of all government payroll related payments, ensuring all civil servants (staff) are remunerated accordingly (aligning to all related government policies), and on a timely manner.
  • Accounts Section: Cash Management and Compiling/ preparation of the whole of Government Financial Statements.
  • Sub-Treasuries: Carry-out all Treasury related work at the outer islands of Vava’u/ ‘Eua and Ha’apai.