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The Ministry of Finance is the central institution with the economic and financial landscape of the Kingdom. For this reason the Ministry has a constant obligation to carefully consider the economic and financial needs of the country and provide Government with sound advice after considering all possible alternatives within the common confines of the limited resource environment. The ministry is guided by its Tonga Strategic Development Framework Vision: โ€œA better Tonga tomorrow than today with more sustainable growth providing higher incomes and well being for Tongansโ€

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Tonga welcomes with profound appreciation theย Asian Development Bankโ€™s munificent $โ€ฆ

January 15, 2021
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WASHINGTON D.C., December 15, 2020 โ€“ The World Bankโ€™s Board of Executive Directors hasโ€ฆ

January 04, 2021

The contents of this report constitute technical advice provided by the staff of theโ€ฆ

November 22, 2020